Our stories and artwork are composed of emotions and fantasies.


Looking at art and being motivated; reading a novel and marveling in wonder. Experiences like these are what make new stories or art in my life.


For instance, tasting a delectable course the chef has prepared at the Modern at MoMA might provide enough incentive for a lover to muster up the courage to propose to his girlfriend. Seeing a New Year’s concert at New York Symphony with a friend and ending up passionately talking about resolutions for the next year, all because of the brilliancy of the performance. Being touched by Walt Whitman’s poems and starting to yearn for your family. These seemingly small occurrences create waves of inspiration and sensations that generate ideas for my artwork and strength in life. I think this can be said for everyone who lives in this world.

My métier is to turn sources of inspiration such as novels, prose, poems, critiques, exhibitions, fairy tales, folklores, and even just conversations with others into a visible form using words, art, sculptures, and installations.


Every individual has both a leading role and a supporting role in the pursuit of changing the world. Living side by side with art, I always feel that we humans are all main characters of our own lives. However, we are also are supporting characters that help others and give courage to others. Within those dynamic stories in this world, I can say that we are always giving inspiration for and creating life’s art and sentiments.


Our potential is the same as the world’s possibilities. What I mean is that our own feelings of happiness and joy, sadness, and anger is what sets emotions moving, and the same as the moment when we face a new creation. I think that all of those opportunities assist building that world’s possibilities. That is why we continue to create because we hope for our potential to become the world’s promises.

(August 2012)







たとえばMoMa Modernにて、シェフがつくりあげた素晴らしいコースの味わいが恋人と結婚を決断する勇気をくれたり、New York Symphonyのニューイヤーコンサートにて力強い演奏を聴いた後、友人と帰りのバーで新年への抱負を熱く語り合うきっかけとなったり、Walt Whitmanの美しい詩に触れて、家族に連絡をしたくなったり。芸術を自分自身の人生をとおして身で読む。こういったささやかな日常での感動が、わたしの新しい芸術を創造する力、生きる力となっている。きっとこのような出来事はわたしだけではない。生きるわたしたちそれぞれにもいえることであろう。






(August 2012)




The Association Game of Thoughts


Seeing and creating artworks is like playing an association game. When people hear the word “apple”, one might associate it with a red umbrella and another with orange. My works represent this association game in a simple form.

Many people read novels, including myself. We all imagine the scenes and characters in the novel as we like, and various images form in our minds. Even if you don’t quite comprehend the novelist’s intention, this misunderstanding produces another story and scene just for you. That is why we enjoy reading novels.

I create the works on the basis of such reading experiences. Scenes imagined from a novel grow into my own imaginations, then I create objects showing images of Haruki Murakami’s novel, the world of Kurt Vonnegut Jr., scenes from Anne frank’s diary…

Of course, the scenes I grasp by reading Vonnegut’s novels might differ from another. The feeling is similar to watching a movie based upon a novel and feeling disillusioned. But rather than disappointment, that sense of discord interests me. This is because the inconsistencies born out of the incompatibility of ideas make way for another image altogether. These ideas that are created are my works.

Although some of my works are based on an “original story”, it is not imperative for viewers to know the actual story. People can venture into the world of imaginations, just by knowing that my work is based on a story written by someone else. It will be possible for them to fly into a larger world, exceeding the first-hand image of the original story and mine, even if that world might be a place without answers; as if in the word association game.