Zeno Woman

Furukawa reread ‘Chieko Sho’ written by Kotaro Takamura from a gender perspective, and released an installation using oil paintings, prints, large ink-jet prints, and resin objects, in which the entire samurai residence was used as an installation exhibition gallery. Furukawa thought that “If Chieko Takamura have been happy as an artist with along with Kotaro, she would have devoted herself to painting with all her might, traveling around exhibitions and studios with many art students and expressing the accident freely.” and tried to highlight the social aspect of the art world surrounding female artists through his own works.


Zeno Woman (新しい女)
Date: October 13 (Sat) – November 4 (Sun), 2018
Location: Adachigahara Furusato Mura, Bukeyashiki
Address: 4-100, Adachigahara, Nihonmatsu-city, Fukushima