The Setouchi Triennale 2013


The Setouchi Triennale 2013


The Setouchi Triennale 2013 is finally opening on March 20th, 2013!
Yumiko Furukawa has been participating in a residence program and working in Kagawa Prefecture, Syoudoshima City since September of 2012. The exhibition will show “Syoudoshima’s Legend and Folklore” as well as a new work that used Furukawa’s “Residence Journal” as the theme, “Chobozekka: The sole place where you can see matchless views.”
The installation pieces are comprised of 45 vibrant ceramic sculptures that were baked in a Syoudoshima kiln and a 13m x 1.6m painting. Please come!

Exhibition Location: Syoudoshima / Mito Peninsula / Yoshino District

Exhibition Dates:
Spring: 3/20 (Wednesday) – 4/21 (Sunday)
Summer: 7/20 (Saturday) – 9/1 (Sunday)
Fall: 10/5 (Saturday) – 11/4 (Monday)
*Yumiko Furukawa’s works will be on display for all three dates.

The Setouchi Triennale 2013:


Original piece “Chobozekka: The sole place where you can see matchless views.” Official Website Open!

Furukawa’s works created during her current residence program in Syoudoshima is available for viewing. Other works will also be available in accordance to the Triennale.

Link to the site:


Workshop “Let’s Craft Tea Cups for Ocean Views and Mountain Views” a huge success!

The workshop, which was held near the end of 2012, helped to create deeper bonds of people who participated as well as Furukawa herself by crafting tea cups with local residents of Kamano and Yoshino Districts of Syoudoshima City. Furukawa showed how to press seashells onto tea cups for ocean views and nuts onto tea cups for mountain views to create patterns on the cups. The tea cups are excellent for admiring the view of Syoudoshima’s beautiful oceans and mountains.

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作品番号:68 展示エリア:小豆島/三都半島/吉野地区

会期 :
春 3月20日(水)ー 4月21日(日)
夏 7月20日(土)ー 9月1日(日)
秋 10月5日(土)ー 11月4日(月) *古川は3会期とも展示いたします。