The Rules

“(RX3)3”, Weissfeld ( Roentgenwerke ) ,Tokyo, Japan 2006 (August 8th – 28th).


To consider the possibility of marriage, I read Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider’s The Rules: Time-tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right naked in my bath for a total time of over 24 hours. Derived from that experience were these works. It might have been a tad different from the rules advocated by the authors, but I felt that I have properly recreated the point the two authors were trying to make.

当時、結婚の可能性を見出すための時間をつくるために、エレン・ファインとシェリー・シュナイダー『ルールズ 理想の男性と結婚するための35の法則』を片手に、呆然と立ちすくみ、全裸でユニットバスに引きこもり、合計時間数24時間以上にも及ぶ、半身浴での読書にて考え出したのが、この作品群である。著者らの唱えるルールから少し外れているかもしれないが、彼女らのいうポイントを読者である私が再読し、新たに理想の男性と結婚するための心得を、壁に掛けて部屋に展示し鑑賞できるような形状へと変換した。


installation view “The Rules” ”RX-cube cubic”, curated by Ray Kagami,
October 6 – 28, 2006
Place: roentgenwerke, JAPAN

Put lipstick on even when you go jogging! (type A)
fabric, lipstick  55×75.5×5.5cm

When a man call you, don’t stay on the phone for more than ten minutes. Buy a timer if you have to.
timer, MDF board, lacquer coating, acrylic board, wood  20×25×10cm

Don’t call him and rarely return his calls (type A)
MDF board, lacquer coating, wood

Manicures should become part of your routine.
polyester resin, ink  30×36×9cm.

The Rules : Time-Tested Secret for Capturing the Heart of Mr.Right
By Ellen Fein, Sherrie Schneider.