Book Reading Series 2002


Conceptualizing reading experiences into artwork, the Book Reading Series began to embody not only novels but essays and pieces of prose; such as, Junzō Kawada’s thesis “Genèse et dynamique de la royauté : les mosi méridionaux” and the piece “If on a winter’s night a traveler” by Italo Calvino. Materials used to form ideas were able to grow in genre.

読書体験から制作するブック・リーディング・シリーズは、2002年より、川田順造『無文字社会の歴史 — 西アフリカ・モシ族の事例を中心に』やイタロ・カルヴィーノ『冬の夜ひとりの旅人が』など、小説だけではなく論文や散文までもがその対象となった。オブジェをつくる対象となる書物やテキストの幅に広がりを得ることができた。


The girl’s drawing (the Sea urchin and the Anchor)
Canvass, lacquer painting 335×245, 335x245mm

The Bookshelf and The Chair (for Female Readers, Ludmilla, and me)
MDF board, wood, polyurethane painting, sofa  500×300×543mm 480×570×800mm

What story down there awaits its end ?
MDF board, polyurethane painting  240×460×410mm
Photo by Atsuhi Ootake

For Moshi Tribes
fabric, plastic, cotton, beads.
Grand Sachem (From the left to the second)  450×225×120mm
Roaming Hunter  (From the left to the third)  510×240×110mm
Aberrant Daughter  (From the right to the second)  460×250×110mm
Horse  (From the right to the first)  470×195×120mm
Gimpy Son  (From the left to the first)  360x200x90mm
Photo by Atsuhi Ootake

The Hill in Dublin
polyester resin, ink, plastic, lacquer painting  31×18×20cm