Book Reading Series

“Vent d’Est – Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition”, curated by Emiko Kato, room, Gentilly, France (October 27th – December 4th ).


There are different scenes that can be imagined by reading novels. These “scenes” are expressed in the Book Reading Series, which was first exhibited in 2000 at the alternative gallery, Room, in France.  Pieces such as architectural models and dollhouses were constructed using MDF boards and lacquer coating for color. The Book Reading Series is characterized by consisting only of simple colors that are not overstated. It furthermore captures only a single frame of time where no people or dolls exist, in return letting viewers experience a sense of reality in the pieces.


Exhibition Review by Emiko Kato (Only Japanese)



Installation View

Vent d’Est – Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition
October 28 – December 4, 2000
Place: room / Gentilly, FRANCE.

A Wild Sheep Chase – Haruki Murakami
MDF, lacquer painting, plastic, wood  87×280×245mm

Ghosts – Paul Auster
MDF, lacquer painting, plastic, wood  26.6×20×20cm