September 26, 2018

Zeno Woman

October 13 (Sat) - November 4 (Sun), 2018 9 am - 5 pm Place: Adachigahara Furusato Mura, Bukeyashiki Admission: Free Address: 4-100, Adachigahara, Nihonmatsu-city, Fukushima Tel: 81-243-22-7474 Yumiko Furukawa’s new installation "Zeno Woman" will be exhibited in the Adachigahara Furusato Village Park in Nihonmatsu city, Fukushima that is represented at Fukushima Biennale 2018. Furukawa re-read "Chieko-sho ...


May 02, 2017

Through the Glass

The Project "Glass Futuristic History”, AGC Asahi Glass Company x Tokyo University of the Arts Exhibition Repots "Through the Glass” We would like to inform you about the exhibition “Through the Glass”. This exhibition is the collaborative project with AGC (Asahi Glass Company) and Geidai (Tokyo University of the Arts).  Since August 2016, we have been holding research groups for the creation of new ...


Drawing Nature · Drawing with Lacquer We would like to let you know Furukawa workshop at Fukushima Museum, this event is related by the lacquer artist, Koji Sekiya's exhibition "Urushi Artist Kaji Sekiyaki's Possibility of Lacquer Representation ". We hope you plan to travel to Fukushima, and it will be a little discovery for your daily life. We are looking for your participation. Thank you. Lecturer: Furukawa Yumiko ...